Saturday, August 8, 2009

Want to have a Facebook party??

What is a Facebook Party?

More and more we’re connecting through social media, so why not look your best to all your old and new online friends? Gather some friends together and join the fun at Heartland Images for a Facebook Party!!

Here is what you will get:

For only $30, you will get an image you would be proud to share on the internet. Each portrait session will last 10 minutes, and you will have a choice of backgrounds to create a casual, personality-driven image.

A few days after your portrait is taken, the image will be uploaded to my Facebook page, and we will email you a link so you can tag yourself and drag the image to your desktop to use on your social networking or e-dating sites.

Call Venus at Heartland Images By Venus at 918-638-2216 to schedule your Facebook party with your friends at my studio. You will be glad you did!!