Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yep...My Kiddos Again

I'm thinking that these are the images we will be using for our family Christmas cards this year.

What a nice family!

I drove many miles early on a Saturday morning to photograph this family. This family was such a joy to work with. Thank you Kasha and Debby.


This is Trevor and Levi. I just love the images I got from this family session. The boys seemed to have such a strong connection.

My first senior session (ever)....

This is Sam. She goes to Owasso High School. She was so much fun! These images are from her studio session we did in August. There will be more to come because we have not done her outside session yet.


This is Dagen (my nephew). Wow, what a session this was! His mom just knew we were not going to get any usable shots out of this session. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw them. :) Here is a collage from that session. She ordered an 11x14 of it.

My Youngest.....

Well, this is Quaid. He is my youngest of three kids. Three is such a fun age. These are some of my favorite images from my most recent session with him (he lasted all of maybe 5 minutes).

My Buckaroo

This is my son Kash. He is quite the little cowboy and wanted to be extra serious for these pictures (because cowboys are very serious he says). These are two of my favorites from that session. The second image I actually used for my business cards.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dancing Diva

My daughter Kally dances on a competition dance team and has been doing so for 4 years now. She takes tap, clogging, ballet, jazz and lyrical. Here are a few of my personal favorites of my dancing diva from this year.

My Children....My Guinea Pigs

My children have played a big part in my decision to become a photographer. In the beginning they were the only subjects I had to practice on (therefore they were my guinea pigs:)). I hope you don't get tired of seeing them because every time I get a new prop or a new background they are the firsts ones I try it on.

Yep...I'm finally doing it.

After much consideration I have finally decided to try this "blog" thing everyone is talking about. So, here you go. :) Enjoy.